Lincoln Rust

Mind Floss Tattoo Artist

Lincoln Rust is a tattoo artist originally from Ft. Wayne Indiana, but grew up most of his life in Madison, Wisconsin. He graduated from Madison West High School in 2006 and decided to take a break from school and explore life. Soon after, at 19 he began to pursue art as a more regular hobby rather than just for an art project in school or to make a logo for a friend's band. He had always enjoyed art, but never spent the time to really get to know himself as an artist. After a few years of studying different mediums and styles, he found that tattooing really peaked an interest. He remembers thinking what an honor for someone to display his art not only for the whole world to see, but for the rest of their life.

He began apprenticing at a shop when he was 19. Having never picked up a machine before, he was both very nervous and excited. After a year of apprenticing, he began to tattoo friends and eventually clients. His background consisted of mostly graffiti and album art, so he merged that into what has become his current style of tattooing, mixed with some traditional tattooing styles; American traditional, Japanese, new school, and realism. When Nate Gothard approached him with his idea for the Mind Floss Tattoo Shop, he jumped at the opportunity to open a private studio that welcomes previous clientele and new clients as well. Lincoln has been tattooing for over 7 years and is very excited to be in Madison as a part of the Mind Floss Family.