mitch koch

Mind Floss Tattoo Artist

Mitch Koch joined the Mind Floss Family in April of 2017. After high school, he spent some time at a community college before attending The University of Wisconsin, Platteville where he sought after a degree in mathematics. After some serious soul searching, Mitch decided to drop out of college to pursue a more artistic career through a tattoo apprenticeship in his home town of Dubuque, IA. Since starting his apprenticeship in March of 2015, Mitch has really enjoyed working with clients to bring them a customized piece a wearable artwork. He’s believes that tattoos should be designed to complement and accentuate the natural flow and curves of the human body. Through his background in mathematics and his appreciation for aesthetically pleasing tattoos, Mitch has grown to love and specialize in modern geometric and ornamental tattoos including mandalas, sacred geometry, dot work, black work, etching, minimalistic, and purely ornamental designs.

Mitch will be living in the Madison area for the first time ever and is excited to start the new chapter of his life with the crew at Mind Floss. Madison has always attracted him through its mass of artistic culture and open minded people. He enjoys many types of music from bluegrass to hip hop and looks forward to exploring Madison’s music scene. When he was first informed of the opening for a new artist here at Mind Floss, he instantly jumped online where he was overjoyed with the modern aesthetic and welcoming appearance of the shop. After a guest spot to get to know the crew, Mitch knew that this shop would be a great place for him further his career and bring beautiful art to the people of Madison. He looks forward to meeting new clients and interacting with the community.

You can follow him on Facebook or Instagram @mitchin.tattoos to keep up with his work.